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Maria Golikova, the founder and designer of the brand,
draws her inspiration from youth subcultures,
her childhood memories, modern events and trends.
It is important for Maria to create images,
which a person never gets bored wearing,
and feels free to stand out in a crowd.
These days KUKLA is a fully-funded team with its own production.
We design our collection taking into account young active lifestyles,
That is why our clothes are cozy, comfortable, loose and bright.
The brand neither imposes any rules nor frames anybody.

KUKLA is a brand that shares the urban style esthetics.
Minimalism and clarity of colors allows you to use your creativity to its fullest potential.
KUKLA is made for those who go for the
garment that allows transferring the world view
and emphasizing their personalities.
We manufacture clothes for the girls
with vast creativity:
the rapid and the sassy, the positive and the bright.
We create for those, who break stereotypes
and come up with something new.